Examples of Lettering & Fonts
   Custom fonts and lettering have been drawn for a very wide variety of clients and in a variety of languages including Cyrillic,Georgian, Mandarin, Hebrew and Arabic. Take the Remy Martin label and lettering drawn for Lewis Moberly. One of the most difficult aspects of this job was the drawing of the border consisting of fine radiating lines. A new technique had to be developed in order to get the lines to appear uniformly spaced. Other work has included a Caffrey’s label and lettering for the Davis Cup. The lettering for Design Bridge shown is typical of many jobs drawn for them. Although only the Tortilla Chips lettering is shown, a total of eight Phileas Phogg product titles were drawn. For Butcher & Gundersen, beer labels have comprised the majority of work drawn for them—unfortunately, I have yet to receive any liquid samples! Over the years, many lettering jobs have been drawn and digitised for The Partners. Another challenging job came from Springpoint in the form of a corprate logotype for the Honk Kong Interlink. The aeroplane, train and boat were auto-traced to retain the texture of the edges whilst the Chinese and English lettering was hand drawn. For Ziggurat, not only was their logo drawn, but so also much lettering for Ribena products.
   Much lettering for
whisky labels has been drawn for the likes of Sedley Place and Lewis Moberly and the examples shown are typical. For clients overseas, lettering has been drawn for a number of clients including LKS Ltd. in Australia and Sterling in the USA.
   As regards custom Fonts, many corporate faces have been created for the likes of
BOWATER International, British Oxygen, The Royal Free Hospital, BUPA, the Danish company, Danisco, BT Cellnet, city law firm, Freshfields, United Distillers and city accountants, Jardine Fleming. Fonts for newspapers and magazines include The Scotsman, Elle, Blueprint and the Royal Academy of Arts. For packaging and brand identities, fonts for John Lewis, Sainsburys (eleven in total), Wiggins Teape, Marlboro cigartettes, Lloyds Bank, Liptons Teas (Roman and Cyrillic), Alders of Croydon, Blackwells Bookshop, Marks and Spencer and Gordons Gin. In addition to these, some fonts for specific applications, such as a braille font, one for credit cards and for signage, have been produced.